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Jan Oetjen CEO of
* Fast, accurate, free: New translator
* Account security: Is your personal data up to date?
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Dear Reader,
Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Here’s one that’s easy to keep: Boost your account security by updating your personal settings. Find out why it’s so important below! And while you’re here, be sure to check out's new translator feature.

Best regards,
Jan Oetjen, CEO of
Introducing the translator
Hands typing on white laptop on white table puts free, accurate translations right at your fingertips! Writing an email to make a hotel reservation in another country? Have product information‌ in C‌hinese but need it‌ in E‌nglish? Get the translations you need in just one click with the highly accurate and secure Translator. Try it today!
* 2‍9‍ languages, including English, Spanish and Chinese
* Free translations of up to 2,0‍0‍0‍ characters
* Powered by AI for amazing accuracy and data privacy
Why does ask for my address?
Customer support agent wearing headset and talking to customer
You might have asked yourself why asks you for certain information. There’s a simple explanation, and it has to do with account security. Learn how having false or outdated personal data in your account settings can work against you.
Want the best email experience on your smartphone?
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Then you should be using the Mail App! With our free mobile apps optimized for your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet, you can take your email and cloud wherever you go – without any complicated setup.
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