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* Keeping trusted senders out of spam
* What to do if you click a phishing link
* New: mail‌.‌com support chat
* Update your password recovery options
Dear Reader,
It can be frustrating when an important email lands in your Spam folder. This is why we give you several options for marking wanted emails and senders. Another frustrating and sometimes dangerous experience is accidentally clicking a phishing link. We show you how to act quickly to reduce your risk. And if you have questions about spam, phishing, or other issues, our support chat is available to help!

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Keep wanted emails out of your spam folder
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How to mark trusted senders
Do messages you want sometimes land in your Spam folder? So annoying! Which is why you have three options for saving trusted senders in your mail‌.‌com email account.
What to do if you click on a phishing link
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Options for protecting your data
"I accidentally clicked the link! Does my phone have a virus now!?" If you have ever fallen for a phishing scam, you have had this moment of panic. What can you do now?
Introducing the mail‌.‌com support chat
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New: Chat available 2‍4‍/7
Not sure how to reset your mail‌.‌com password? Looking for help with bounced emails? Trying to set up email filters? Never fear – the new mail‌.‌com support chat is here to save the day!
Is your password recovery information up to date?
If you ever lose or forget your mail‌.‌com password, we can help you instantly with our password reset process. There is just one little thing we need to make this work: A valid password-recovery email address and/or mobile phone number saved in your account settings. If this information is no longer up to date, the password recovery process could be significantly delayed.

Why take the risk of being locked out of your account? Go to > My Account > Security Options to update your contact information today.