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Protect Your Data on World Backup Day!
This March 3‍1‍st, take action to back up your photos and documents
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* Why? Never lose a precious photo or important doc again
* How? Seven methods for backing up a file
* Where? Try the Cloud for secure storage
Dear Reader,
Did you know that 2‍0‍% of people have never performed a computer backup? Yet, 1‍4‍0‍,0‍0‍0‍ hard drives crash each week in the US alone. That's why it's important to mark your calendar and use the occasion of World Backup Day on March 3‍1‍st to make sure your important memories and information are saved in a secure location.

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What is World Backup Day?
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Imagine losing your phone or having your laptop damaged by a computer virus. You probably have years of photos and important documents on your devices, and if you haven't backed up your files they'll be gone with the wind, with little hope for recovery. Fortunately, it's not hard to back up your data, which is what World Backup Day is all about! Find out:
* What is data backup?
* How often should you back up data?
* What is the most common cause of data loss?
How to back up a file: Your best options from hard drive to cloud
Smiling man sitting in office looking at computer screen
7 ways to protect your data
Many photos and documents are irreplaceable, so losing this data can be frustrating. You can avoid this by backing up your files! Read about popular backup options along with their pros and cons.
Cloud Welcome Tour: Easy instructions for your 2 GB free storage
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Get started using our Cloud
Not sure how to use the 2 GB free online storage in your account to back up your files? Never fear: You'll find easy-to-follow, printable instructions and links to helpful articles right in your mailbox.