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Your summer with
Stay secure and stress-free for a relaxing vacation
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* Unleash the power of these email & cloud features for your vacation
* Eight tips for protecting your phone and data on holiday
* Doxing: Learn the dangers and safeguard your privacy
Dear Reader,
Summertime is vacation time! Whether you are heading to the cabin, hitting the beach, exploring a new city, or tackling a home improvement project, you'll want to stay connected. On vacation we tend to rely on our phones more than ever. That's why has got you covered with secure mobile apps, automatic photo backups, useful safety tips, and more. So you can worry less and enjoy your travels!

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Take on vacation with you!
Time for vacation? has some amazing free cloud and email features – from photo backup to vacation auto-replies and translation assistance – to help you get the most out of your summer!
* Never lose a vacation memory: Automatic cloud backup for your photos
* Understand more wherever you travel: Foreign language help with our Translator
* Data-saving solution: Use share links when sending pics and videos
Eight easy ways to protect your phone and data when you travel
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Why take chances this summer?

Nothing can ruin your vacation like a damaged, hacked, or stolen smartphone.
Apply these essential tips for keeping your phone and data safe on the road.
What is doxing and how can you protect yourself?
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Cybersecurity deep-dive
Why and how does private data get published online? In the first of our new series of cybersecurity explainers, learn what a doxing attack looks like and what to do if it happens to you.
In case you missed it: Meet our blog team!
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