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In this first issue of the newsletter, it's all about helping you get to know your email better. From keeping your account secure to securing your precious memories in our Cloud, plus an in-depth look at our most popular features. Enjoy!

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"Reliable cloud technology stands for peace of mind."
Tobias Kemper, Head of Cross Platform Products
Ask the Expert: Tobias Kemper
In an interview, our cloud expert explains how storing your photos and documents in the secure and familiar Cloud can be a big help in your daily life.
Your security settings
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Security options up to date?
Help keep your account safe by checking the personal security settings found under "My Account." This is where you go for password recovery options, to change your password, and more.
More about mail security in the blog
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Steer clear of phishing risks
Do you know the latest email scams and how you can identify a phishing email? Phishing emails and email scams in 2‍0‍2‍2‍ include fake messages from and fraudulent Ukraine relief projects. Because there are a lot of phishing mails circulating these days, here’s a refresher in how to protect yourself.
Are you using these top features?
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New! Cloud sync tool

Need to download or share cloud files and photos? With the new Cloud synchronization tool for Windows or Mac, your selected files are always available – even if your Wi-Fi is down.
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Email alias addresses

Would you like to send and receive emails from different addresses without logging in and out of separate accounts? lets you have up to 1‍0‍ email addresses in a single account.
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