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Your secure email for the holidays
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* Are security questions secure?
* Coming soon: support chat
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Dear Reader,
The holidays are here! Why not gift yourself extra peace of mind by making sure your account security and recovery options are up to date? If you have questions about security or other email issues, you will soon be able to use our support chat to help you get fast answers. And for holiday fun, look no further than – with our free e-cards, cloud photo-sharing, and more!

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Is a security question really secure?
When was the last time someone asked you the middle name of your oldest sibling? It is not something that comes up in casual conversation, but it could be a security question for an online account. You may have noticed that you rarely have to answer such questions anymore. Learn why companies like no longer consider security questions safe and what you should do to protect your account instead.
Coming soon: The support chat!
Do you have a question about your email account? A concern about a phishing email? Feedback for the team? For all this and more, the support chat will soon be available around the clock to provide you with the help you need. When the support chat is online, you will see a speech bubble icon in the lower corner of the Help page. Click the icon and follow the prompts: help is only a few clicks away!
Happy holidays with!
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More fun with these features is ushering in the holidays with tips & tricks for the season. Share photos and memories, send emails to Santa and e-cards to your friends, and be reminded of your resolutions – with!
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Celebrating a blog milestone
We started publishing our explainers in 2‍0‍2‍1‍ – and now we have posted article number 2‍0‍0‍! Today we explore the posts that engaged our readers the most. Is there a blog article you cannot forget?