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* Best protection for your email: Strong passwords & 2FA
* Access photos and docs across devices with the secure Cloud
* Have you activated your biometric PIN?
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At, we use cutting-edge security to keep your emails and data safe. But a weak password could still compromise the security of your account. Discover how to create a strong password and activate 2FA – and for our app users, a biometric PIN. Plus, try these tricks to get the most out of our secure and convenient cloud!

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Email account security
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Strong passwords & 2FA
Your password is the key that unlocks access to the personal data in your email account, from private letters to your online banking login. Discover how to make a strong password that you can actually remember, and how you can give your account extra protection with 2FA.
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Take the Cloud wherever you go!
Wait, you don't use the Cloud? Then you probably don’t know all the ways it can be useful! Not only can you upload and store pictures, attachments, office documents, etc. – you can also create files directly in the cloud and access them on your laptop, tablet and phone. After all, you use more than one device, so your cloud should, too!
Security Feature
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Biometric PIN in the Mail App
Our mobile app has always had an optional PIN for extra security. But did you know that if your smartphone has fingerprint or facial unlock, you can enable it for our Mail App as well? This allows you even faster and more secure access!
Pet names & family birthdays: Popular passwords
Speaking of password protection, it turns out that people are more alike than you may think – at least in making a password, that is. Choosing not-strong-enough passwords that are easy to guess is a bad habit found across the globe. However, a survey identified distinct national preferences, from pet names to family birthdays. Find out how your password tricks stack up against international trends.
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